Your Investment Options


1:1 Career Coaching – 6MP – 3MP – 1:1PP

6MP – A Six-Month Program Designed For Executives That Require Professional Career Coaching And Guidance. Ideally, Suited For Those Seeking A Career Move Up Or Out Of Their Current Role Or Have Taken Voluntary Retrenchment Or Have Been Made Redundant Or Want A Career Change.

Phase A Career Assessment | includes weekly 1TP (one-hour touchpoint consultation)

The phase encompasses a comprehensive evaluation of career progression to date, current direction, and goals definition using the GROW methodology. I review the tools you are using, including resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, elevator pitch, ROL (resume online), your attitude and career strategy, salary advice, and other useful tips and techniques. You will be provided with individual exercises to complete, including a personal SWOT analysis, an Ebook Coates and Associates “Identify Your Careers Values,” a Myers Briggs Assessment, and other tools to assist you in your journey. I I also have access to a tool that can analyze the job description for the role you are applying for and your resume to ensure you have all the critical elements in your resume to meet Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) requirements.

Phase B Career Strategy Mapping | includes weekly 1TP (one-hour touchpoint consultation)

This phase provides you with a focus and a defined career/job hunt strategy. Using the Lena Coates and Associates Job Tracker” (JT) tool consisting of Career Plan A (current network), Phase B (desired company/referrals), and Phase C (targeted ad selection and response). The JT is a bespoke tool personally designed. Its implementation keeps you focused and motivated. Using the JT, your career coach evaluates your activity and provides direction, and measures the action against the outcomes. You will learn to tap into the active and passive job market and the meaningful use of your active network.

Each week at a mutually arranged time, you will have a one-hour meeting to discuss your progress and develop practical strategies you can utilize to keep you moving forward.

Of course, our partnership aims to identify and have you applying for roles asap. If someone expresses interest in you in the middle of any phase and wants to have a chat with you and are required to submit your resume or formally apply for a role, we switch gears and work on that. The momentary change of focus does not interrupt any phase, but we want to be as agile as possible in the process for you.

Phase C Meeting| Interview Preparation| includes weekly 1TP (one-hour touchpoint consultation)

I will help you navigate applying for roles and the subsequent contact with Hiring Managers, Talent Acquisition Managers, internal and external Recruitment Consultants, and Hiring Managers. This part of the process is the most time-consuming and stressful, and I offer the encouragement to ensure you remain positive, confident, and resilient. This personal coaching ensures you always provide yourself with the best possible opportunity to apply for any role and maintain a healthy balance between your search and life balance. During this phase, you will continue to reach out to your network and meetings/interviewing (via f2f and video). Your coach will evaluate your behavioural interviewing skills and provide you with proven methodologies using the STAR technique to succinctly answer any question, give you access to tools to assess your resume against the position description for the role. I provide you with an understanding of the hiring process and offer insightful strategies to overcome roadblocks.

The 6MP program is flexible and individual to you. Your ability to work through each phase of the process varies.

Onboarding| KPI Measurement | includes monthly TP (one-hour touchpoint consultation)

Should you reach your goal within the 6MP, I continue to be available to you once per month for a one-hour meeting to ensure you are on track and support you for the remainder of your 6MP period. During the remaining time, your I will assist you with onboarding to ensure you meet all the requirements to transition from your Probationary Period successfully.

TouchPoint Meetings – weekly, there is an hour meeting with the same career coach to strategise and discuss progress. Appointments are made via our website to suit your schedule. Additional sessions are available if required and, can be booked via this website.

The investment in your career is an upfront fee + GST. For a confidential discussion to hear if this program suits you, please email (Payment options can be discussed)

1: 1 3MP – Is A Three-Month Program That “Kick Starts” Your Job Search Or Coaches You To Get Career Clarity And Direction To Obtain Your Career Goal Or New Role. Ideally Suited To Those Seeking A New Position As A Result Of Constant Company Restructures And Job Uncertainty, Retrenchment Or Redundancy.

1st Month – Review of your “career briefcase” which has your cover letter, resume, including tips on how to navigate the Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), and mastery of “tell me about yourself ” question. Review of your LinkedIn profile and guidance to ensure the profile is professional and worded appropriately to make sure it appears in the right searches to eliminate missing opportunities. Personal SWOT analysis and Coates and Associates EBook “Identify your Career Values” workbook.

2nd month – Identify your career values, strengths and weaknesses and eliminating roadblocks.  Apply the Coates and Associates unique “job tracker” tool to create a process for the career search and job strategy, including advertising media. Support, guidance, and to liaise with potential hiring managers and talent acquisition specialists. Guidance to tap into passive and active job networks.

3rd Month – Use of the “job scanner” tool to analyse the match of the job description to your resume to improve the likelihood of the resume making it through ATS. Guidance regarding research methods, behavioural interviewing assessment, including mastery of the STAR methodology and tips on how to interview successfully and ask the right questions to avoid any surprises at the end. You will have the same career expert to navigate you through the process.

TouchPoint Meetings – each week, there is a half-hour meeting with the same career coach to strategise and discuss progress. Appointments are made via our website to suit your schedule.

We do not abandon you. We are there for our clients until they reach their goal. Career coaches will return your call within 24 hours.

Upon agreement to the full 3MP program, the investment is a monthly fixed cost, required to be settled at the beginning of each month. For a confidential discussion to hear if this program suits you, please email

1:1 – 1PP – Is A “1-Hour Private Power” Coaching Session For Those Individuals Who Require Specific Coaching Or Guidance In A Particular Area Or Issue.

The investment is required up-front and is a one-off cost + GST for the hour. For a confidential discussion to hear if this program suits you, please email

Please note each program is individual to you and your ability to work through the program. However, we cannot guarantee your success because different factors can influence the outcome, which is out of our control.


Select Bespoke Executive Search And Selection

Fixed Investment

We offer a retained flat fee structure without any compromise to our methodology.

Our flat fee structure means that if the remuneration is at the higher salary range for the role, there is no additional cost.

Multiple roles and C Suite roles will be quoted on a role by role basis at a fee that again is transparent, commercial for you and worthwhile for us.

Segmented Investment

The formula for the segmented model is simple!

The agreed salary and appropriate fixed fee for the role, divided by 3. For example, if the salary for your new hire is between $100K and 200K the fixed fee is $20,000+GST / 3 = $6,666 plus GST each for Options A, B and C.

The Menu Options to choose from is as follows:

Option A

Evaluation of any internal/external referred candidates (up to 6 candidates can be included in this process). Any additional candidates will be based on the agreed salary and appropriate fixed fee for the role, divided by 6.

Option B

Compilation of a long list of candidates from a list of companies provided by you.

Optional Extras

(are one-on-one individual assessments)

Spiral Dynamics$550 plus GST
Neuro linguistic programming$550 plus GST
VAK (Representational systems)$550 plus GST
Myers-Briggs$550 plus GST

Kindly get in touch with us directly to discuss the investment options in more detail.

Credit Card Facilities Are Available.