Our Team

Our Team

Lena Coates IAPCC

Managing Director/CEO

“My goal is to encourage others through the experience I gained throughout my career.”

As the owner and founder of her outplacement/career coaching, online learning, and bespoke executive search firm Lena Coates IAPCC is the CEO of Coates and Associates.

Lena and her team partner with those seeking professional guidance concerning their career direction and job search approach to enable them to achieve their ambition.

Having had a broad career spanning over 25 years. Lena’s worked in senior executive roles for well-known corporates, retail and manufacturing, advisory services, financial recruitment & executive search, and a women’s’ mentoring association. Lena knows where she excels. Lena provides her clients with the tools, knowledge, support, and guidance through her innovative approach to career coaching. Lena is unique in the field of career coaching because not only has she “talked the talk” but has “walked the walk,” so she can identify and empathise with career challenges and obstacles. Evidence of this is that she has placed thousands of individuals into rewarding careers and now offers her expertise via her career coaching.

Lena is a qualified Personal Trainer and incorporates those principles into her programs. She knows that being physically and mentally fit impacts the way you handle stress and your ability to cope.

Lena “gets” people and has a knack of getting “straight to the heart” of the matter and loves it when clients have that light bulb moment. When they reach their career goal through her programs, Lena feels like she achieved it too. Lena develops a deep understanding of her clients, both professionally and personally, and what’s important. Lena’s down to earth approach resonates, and they are comfortable and trust her because they know she is in their corner.

Lena’s formula for success is quite simple, people are people no matter what level they are, and they have the same feelings and can suffer a lack of confidence and resilience. Sometimes their self-esteem gets a hammering. Lena’s proven methods get to the heart of the matter by treating each person as an individual to help them cut through roadblocks. She can see the bigger picture and opens up opportunities people may not have considered for those seeking a career transition, the next step in their careers, or want to utilise their skills with another company because of retrenchment or they want a change.

Lena is a highly experienced Corporate Executive, Senior Executive Search Consultant, Expert Career Coach and CEO. She regularly obtains requests to be a guest speaker to share her knowledge of her methodologies and insights through her 12MP and 3MP Individual Coaching Programs, her “All Things Careers” webinars, and thejobgym – Careers Bootcamp and online learning programs.

Lena believes in giving back and does not hesitate to provide her services pro-bono to those that require them. She is the Secretary of the Kastellorizian Association of Victoria, a philanthropic and charitable organisation. She is involved in raising funds for the Cabrini Hospital Foundation and participates in various activities with the Rotary Club of Kew.

Brad Collins

Senior Associate / Career Coaching / Buisness Advisory

“We change behaviour in the business to change business behaviour.”

Brad is a creative thinker whose innovative approach to business has him continually challenging existing business paradigms. He has a track record of successfully creating, implementing and then managing Greenfield business concepts.

Brad is currently working internationally, coaching sales teams and has had extensive executive search experience not only when recruiting for his distribution teams but also assisting other businesses with their hiring needs.

Brad is passionate about people development and creating an environment within a business that embraces this. He likes working with visionaries and lateral thinkers that seek to challenge and question the norm, and those that have the drive and capability not only to conceptualize but make it happen.

Brad welcomes team participation, and he has always sought to empower those within his teams to turn an idea into reality. Brad displays a high level of integrity and honesty, and as a business coach and mentor seeks to share these values. He is an engaging individual that welcomes team participation, discussion and capability development. This approach has resulted in developing highly successful teams under his mentorship.

Diversity: Past Leader across AXA Australia and New Zealand in the Scope Management index.

Specialties: Executive Search and Selection, Executive Leadership; Strategy; B2B and B2C Distribution; Stakeholder engagement and practice development. NLP Master Practitioner and Certified Trainer,

Other: Funds Management; Superannuation; Investments and Advice.

Kylie Hogan

MAICD – Senior Associate – Executive Search

“Diversity around a table does not mean anything unless you engage and listen to all”
Diversity does make things BETTER!”

Kylie is the Managing Director of Talent Sourcing Partners, with a strong commercial acumen, a passion for people and quality outcomes.

She is respectful and strategic in her thought process in developing and fostering highly effective stakeholder and client relationships. She has over 22 years’ experience in business, both commercial and not for profit, and has a high appreciation for sound governance practices. Prior to establishing her career in Executive Search, Kylie worked in Credit Markets up until 2000. Kylie recognises innovation & collaboration is important to any business to embrace the diversity of thinking & unleash creativity to find new ways of capturing value. She is a firm believer that the most valuable asset to any organisation is people. She has 15 years Executive Search, Recruitment & Talent Management experience & is very passionate about adding value to organisations, either through attracting & retaining top talent, implementing & adopting effective & efficient recruitment processes or providing consulting services to clients about their strategic positioning & possible merger / acquisition / staffing opportunities. Attracting & retaining the best quality people can set companies apart & give them a competitive edge in staying ahead of today’s market.