Our History

Our Valued History

Lena Coates established Coates and Associates in 2018.  Before that, Lena was a senior executive with a career mentoring and executive search firm specialising in financial services. After leaving that successful career, she formed Coates and Associates, initially as a bespoke executive search business but found out pretty quickly from the feedback she received from her clients that there was a need for a more individualised and one-on-one approach to career coaching.

As a result, she produced the outplacement/career coaching side of the business and developed three unique programs tailor to a clients’ individual needs. Lena drew on her extensive experience as an executive search consultant and also during her years as a mentoring manager to compile programs that deliver the support and guidance individuals are seeking. She also drew on her previous corporate experience from working in well known global corporates and advisory firms.

Lena is also a qualified personal trainer and combines the philosophies of mental and physical strength used in training methodologies into the programs to assist individuals in coping with the ups and downs of any career journey. She believes being mentally fit and physically fit is critical to one’s mission.

Outplacement / Career Coaching

Our outplacement/career coaching programs provide clients’ an individual and personalised approach. We understand everyone is different, and therefore, our approach tailors to each individual’s needs. We know how difficult career moves can be from our own experience. Therefore, all our executive outplacement coaches have the knowledge and backgrounds that ensure they can mentor, guide and most importantly understand each of our client’s needs.

In 2020, our outplacement/career coaching will offer an online program for those that prefer a more self-paced model. After the program, participants are invited to a webinar to network and ask questions from our career coaches.

At Coates and Associates, what makes us unique is that along with extensive industry experiences, all our career coaches all have comprehensive corporate experience. They fully understand the career hurdles and challenges that arise within corporations and for corporates. There is nothing they have not experienced themselves, therefore understand and have empathy with their clients.

Coates & Associates is very appreciative and grateful for the support from its existing clients, and our mantra is to continually provide a personalised and individual approach to outplacement/career advocacy and executive search.

Selective Bespoke Executive Search And Selection

Early, when Lena founded Coates and Associates, she brought together a team of professionals that provide bespoke Executive Search and Selection services. Lena recognised from the industry changes and demands upon internal recruitment models there was a need for an executive search model, that did not compromise quality but delivered a service that is flexible, transparent and commercial. Her model provides companies with the choice of part, or all, of the processes they wish to engage.

As Managing Director & CEO of Coates and Associates Lena, in conjunction with her thought leadership team, they developed a unique fixed fee or a segmented model. It offers clients a full and transparent process for executive search and outplacement. It is designed to the client’s individual recruitment needs, without compromising their high standards of process or service delivery.