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‘Resilience’ is a term that is bandied around now more than ever during the current situation.

I’ve had my fair share of experiences in similar circumstances, having worked through GFC, the tech boom and even the 80s!✨

Join me in my latest video as I reflect on how I successfully worked through those peaks and troughs, and share a few suggestions from my experiences for you to consider now and also towards the future.

Behavioural Interviewing / STAR Method

Behavioural interviewing can be nerve-racking for a lot of job candidates.

But there’s no mystery around it, and you can get ahead of it by applying a few simple steps and a technique I learnt about 25 years ago.

Join me in my latest video as I share these insights that should help you shine and prepare you well for your next interview.✨

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Video Interviews

I have interviewed and met over 20,000 people, in a career spanning over 20 years which has given me an in-depth understanding on what candidates should do and what they shouldn’t do while interviewing.

In my latest video, considering the current environment, I cover the 4 common mistakes candidates make while interviewing.

If you are in a position of seeking career opportunities, consider this as part of your application process as it will increase your chances and opportunities.

Why Write A Cover Letter?

Should you or shouldn’t you write a cover letter?

It’s a hot topic that I get asked about nearly every day, especially as when applicants reach the end of their application and read that a cover letter is ‘optional’.

Well, they may be optional but cover letters make all the difference and are still important in 2020.

Join me in my latest video as I discuss the benefits of a cover letter and some tips to make your application stand out from the rest.

Why You Need A Professional Career Coach

We at Coates & Associates are a boutique consultancy specialising in Outplacement/Career Coaching, On-line Learning and Executive Search.

Our team have had successful careers, and with their combined corporate and coaching experience we aim to provide insights and benefit to our clients, to successfully achieve their career goals. We provide tailored services that are competitive and aligned with our client’s needs.